[written 1980 when I was 28]

VI. Theoretical and practical experiences from spiritual development and from "real life"

VI.A Introductory comment

After our self-expression group dissolved, I began to take an interest in dreams, meditation and healing. These two methods are currently centered around two people in Denmark, of which I have mentioned one: dream analyst Jes Bertelsen.

The other person, the clairvoyant healer Bob Moore, I haven't seen yet referred to in 'public' context, which is also no reason if one see it from the point of view of widening the knowledge of him. He is well-known among the interested and working practically 24 hours around Denmark and p.t. in eight other countries with individual treatments and courses for groups with sometimes sixty people.

In this text I have chosen not to mention Bob Moore, his methods and healing. There are several reasons for this. One of the reasons are lack of space, as a description of healing would require a very large and to many people completely new language ​​with terms from various esoteric schools, mainly from the east (theosophical and anthroposophical tradition: Blavatsky, Besant, Leadbeater and Steiner are Western variants thereof.

Another reason is that this method of spiritual development for me was a springboard away from the one-sided method and ideology of the AAO, where we had no concept of spiritual development, to Bhagwan, where dualism between good and evil, spiritual and non-spiritual, etc. - in short: morality - for me was canceled.

At the time when I was working with healing, I sensed small remnants of christian morality, but this and other things made me intuitively and intellectually turn towards Bhagwan [Rajneesh OSHO]

I've heard from friends that this is changing, ie. that more emphasis is placed on the emotional and sexual expression - precisely the aspects that we worked most with in the AAO and which are so tabooed and repressed in the christian culture. I was and still am deeply grateful for the loving help Bob Moore gave me in a very difficult mental period. Something was missing in the teachings of Bob Moore.

To give an example, that resembles the hegelian 'thesis, antithesis and synthesis':

(thesis) At some point - if this is still maintained, I do not know - Bob Moore and some of his students meant that sexuality was outside the a relationship was 'bad' or put another way: 'Sexually stick to one relationship at a time'.

(antithesis) In the AAO, we went to the opposite extreme: no relationships and free sexuality and it was just as ideological, just with the opposite sign.

(synthesis) Of what I have read and heard so far from Bhagwan, he says: 'Both ways are extreme, go the middle way, ie. find out for yourself. Find your own truth, there is no truth other than your truth. A borrowed truth is a lie and is often worse than a true lie! ' (This quote is not correct, but constructed, therefore it may well be true!).

A. Watts would probably have said (in the style of 'Psychotherapy and Society'): 'The problem is, that it is made a problem. Stop asking the question and the problem disappears! ' In other words: 'Life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be lived' (Bhagwan). Hocus, Pocus, the goose is out !!

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