Who am I? • Paradox of Emancipation

Age 28 in 1980 during my dissertation in Sociology at the University in Denmark, I was driven into a philosophical discussion about the 'I', that we take for granted. In my scientific search nothing could be taken for granted and therefore I kept looking for the answer to "Who am 'I'" or rather "Who or what is the 'I'".

At the end I received "from above" the answer: The Only True Epistemology. This text is an important message to mankind and now is the time to publish this message and spread the word. Few will be able to understand it, but so was the situation, when Einstein published his theory of relativity.

From Aristoteles and his simple logic to the dialectical logic of german philosopher Hegel to this paradoxial logic and The Only True Epistemology!

Original text is in danish (I published it as a physical book). The text is free in several languages and I do my best to translate:

Humanity is in danger now, is being attacked at the very root. NOBODY is coming to save us. We must save ourselves, but we have to do it TOGETHER.

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